October 12, 2017

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Move Your Body, Move Your Qi!

July 5, 2018

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To Task or Not to Task?


"Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy." Lao Tzu




Many of us express frustration with feeling stressed and overtaxed, but many things also need our attention. As adults, we have many responsibilities - our health, families, relationships, money, our home and jobs. There's always plenty to do. And this is not the problem. Taking care of our responsibilities is a good thing. It is never the answer to ignore what needs to be done. 

The true trouble is our attitude about getting things done. When we resist a task, or don't like a certain thing we have to do, that is what depletes our qi, or life force. When your home is clean, your bills are paid and you are doing things to stay balanced, you'll be active, but you'll feel peaceful too. We were created to be active and dynamic. We were also created to take a break 3 times each day to sit down and eat. We sleep each night. We have natural rest times already built into our days. Prayer, meditation and quiet time are also essentials for rejuvenation.

Whatever you do, do your activity or your rest as peacefully as you can. This does not mean slowly, but it means focused completely on what you are doing, letting go of all resistance or bad attitudes. We are here to learn and grow and we can only learn this with hard work. I heard a quote the other day that fits: "There are two types of human suffering: the pain of regret or the pain of discipline." Hard work is a suffering. A seed has to work hard to even get above soil. We have to put out concentrated effort every day too.

We have to discipline ourselves to act and we have to discipline ourselves to rest. Thinking makes everything slower. Quiet your mind no matter what you're doing and you'll have more time in your day than you imagined. You get more energy when you give more energy. Every time.

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