October 12, 2017

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Move Your Body, Move Your Qi!

July 5, 2018

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Wintertime and The Cold and Acupuncture

Wintertime & the Cold





Hello all!


I know things are starting to get real chilly so hear are some tips to help you during the cold Winter months. 


In Chinese Medicine, we don't recommend eating or drinking cold things and this is especially true in winter. Soups, cooked meats and veggies are the best choice. This includes using ice on injuries. Within the first 24 hours, icing can help. After that, heat is generally best so the area of pain loosens and relaxes. 


We also usually require a bit more rest in winter to stay balanced. As we head toward spring the energy starts to rise, but for now we hunker down a bit to prepare us for the more energized seasons. Kidneys are the organ for the winter season. 


Calming stress and fear is important for the kidneys. This means doing quiet things like meditation, stretching and deep breathing. But this also includes making decisions that need to be made and to follow through on actions that need to be done. Dark foods including kelp, walnuts, black beans, black sesame seeds, blackberries are good for the kidneys as well. 



Great Supplements:


Here is a list of products that are great for most people. I gave brand choices to make it easier for you, but feel free to do your own research.


Cod Liver Oil Capsules (Radiant Life): Great source of Vitamin D (most all of us are deficient) - essential for immunity and bones. Contains Vitamin A - important for the absorption of iron (especially important for women), immunity and eyes. The fat also regulates metabolism and reduces inflammation.


Radiant Life Desiccated Liver Capsules: Liver is a highly nutritious food. If you don't prefer eating it, you can buy it in capsules. Most people feel an improvement in energy when taking it and it's especially important for women in rebuilding iron every month.


SVA Magnesium (amazon.com): Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin. Magnesium oil is sprayed directly on the skin and this one happens to be a roll on. It helps relax the muscles and calm the nerves.


Essential Ayurveda Deodorant: (at Pure Acupuncture): This is the only natural deodorant I've ever recommended, because it actually works.


Sea Kelp (shop.drberg.com): We get 50% less iodine from our food than we did in the past. Iodine is important for the thyroid, metabolism, mental health, in treating cysts and cancer. Slowly build up to taking 3-6 capsules of 500-600 mg of kelp daily.



As always, I am here to help you get through all the seasonal and life changes you may be facing.  Please call or email anytime to schedule your next Acupuncture session!  I am here to help support your natural health and healing.




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