October 12, 2017

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Move Your Body, Move Your Qi!

July 5, 2018

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Move Your Body, Move Your Qi!

Move Your Body, Move Your Qi!



You want your body to be strong. You want to have enough energy to carry your groceries, your kids or grand kids without having to catch your breath!

Movement is essential for the qi of your body to circulate smoothly and for your mind and emotions to be calm too.  Exercise should be the right amount for your body - too little or too much ends up creating stagnant qi which leads to pain, fatigue or discomfort.

Walk, bike, hike. Whatever sounds good to you. 




Be Free!



In Chinese Medicine, summer is a time of the fire element.  Fire is associated with the heart in Chinese Medicine and it is a time for the heart to expand and be active.


Happiness and pains are stored in our hearts.  With so much contained in the heart, it is easy for them to get constrained and tight when we try to hold it all together. 

The fire season is a good time to practice being more open. Now is a good time to do something creative you've been wanting to try out.  

Acupuncture helps calm your heart as well.  Restless sleep, nervous sweating, anxiety and agitation are other signs that your heart would benefit from being balanced.



Summer Diet 

When it's warmer outside it's time to eat certain foods to keep your body cool and calm.  You probably eat more of these foods in the summer, but you may not have known that they are actually helping keep you cool.

(watermelon juice plus mint leaves is a great combo)
Mung beans



Come as you can!

Do you have a condition you're not sure how to address? Acupuncture is likely able to help. High blood pressure, acid reflux, and headaches are a few examples of what acupuncture can help with! Starting to treat a condition early on is always best.

Acupuncture is not all or nothing. Coming as you can will help strengthen your constitution and be preventative for the future.


Happy summer to you & I look forward to seeing you soon!





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